Seba nor med rekordmåling for Statnett – English news letter …

Record in long range TDR-measurements on submarine power cables

Time domain reflectometer (TDR) measurements are an invaluable tool for pre-locating faults on power cables, but there are significant challenges involved in making these measurements successfully on cables that are longer than about 100 km.

With this in mind, Seba nor as, a Megger Group company, has recently been evaluating the performance of a new extended-range TDR test set that has been specifically developed for use on HVDC submarine cables.For operators of the long HVDC submarine power cables that are increasingly being used for the country-to-country transfer of electrical power these challenges are a particular concern, as there are few, if any, cost-effective alternatives for locating faults on these cables.

Read more about the succesfull employment of the Teleflex VX.

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