Metrotech og Vivax fusjonert blir verdens ledende produsent av kabel- og rørdeteksjonsutstyr.

Vivax & Metrotech move forward together During 2009 Vivax and Metrotech will consolidate their activities to build on mutual strengths and to maximize the sales, engineering and operational aspects of the businesses.
Mr. Stolz the CEO of Metrotech said: «We are fortunate to have two well recognized brands, with experienced, dedicated and motivated teams. Metrotech has a worldwide reputation, and Vivax, a relatively young company, has made an impact in the USA, European and Chinese markets. Combining these brands enables us to develop a unified world-wide strategy, and puts us in a strong position to face the challenges of the future.»
The day to day operations will be run by Andrew Hoare, ex Managing Director of Radiodetection Ltd, and one of the founders of Vivax, Sales will be lead by Mark Drew again an ex Radiodetection employee and currently President of the Vivax Corp. Jeff Smith of Metrotech will hold the position of COO of USA operations and CFO of the Group, Jim Waite of Metrotech will continue as VP of the Santa Clara Engineering group, while Mark Royle remains Chief Engineer of the Exeter (UK) based Vivax engineering Team. Lou Rossetti, ex Director of Sales Fluid Conservation Systems will continue as National Sales Manager Water Products. Liming Zhang of Vivax will manage the Vivax main manufacturing facility.
Mr. Hoare said: «By consolidating these businesses we gain economies of scale and improved efficiency. We benefit from two world class engineering groups working in unison to produce new and exciting products, we will address the marketplace with a united sales force, and reduce the cost of manufacturing and administration.»
Vivax and Metrotech design and manufacture pipe and cable location equipment, water leak monitoring and locating equipment and CCTV inspection systems.

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